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Americans were witness to many changes in the decade 1910-1919.  Events relating to the World War, immigration, race relations, gender issues, production methods, technological and transportation advances, and the advent of mainstream cinema impacted not only the United States but the world.

This decade ushered in a new status for America, when the country was first considered by the global population to be an emerging world leader.  Please click on the photos
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The changes during the time period also influenced American theatre.  Three plays that reflected the time period or the personalities in it are "On Trial" by Elmer Rice, "Bound East for Cardiff" by Eugene O'Neill, and "Why Marry?" by Jesse Lynch Williams.  These three plays are discussed more at length in their respective links to the left.  Please check out the
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Theatre Research
Step One - Events
Step Two - Theatre of the Time

Photos above, clockwise from top left, with dates where applicable.  Each photo has a link.  War troops, Italian immigrants at Ellis Island, hands of a former slave, Model-T, Titanic sinking (1912), Halley's Comet (1910), suffragette march.
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On Trial
By Elmer Rice
Bound East for Cardiff
By Eugene O'Neill
Why Marry?
By Jesse Lynch Williams
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